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We combined our experience and expertise to tackle the biggest challenges facing the broadcast, streaming, and media industries:

  • End-to-end content management

That leverages today’s tech and looks to what’s next

  • Localization services

So content makes it around the world and connects with audiences everywhere

It’s everything you need in one place. Distribute your content (VOD, linear, and live) to anywhere in the world, through one streamlined system. On time, on budget, and on point

JuneFirst - Everything in the right place

Data ingest

Efficiently handling your data and details

  • File imports

  • Order scheduling

  • Google Sheet ingestion

  • Air table ingestion

Content Services

Creating informative and artful supporting elements

  • Metadata collection and enrichment

  • Age rating

  • Synopsis creation

  • Image and localized key art creation

Content Packaging & Distribution

Delivering ready-to-go media that meets each target platform’s requirements

  • Preparing digital delivery package

  • Compliance check

Media Processing

Ensuring your content hits the mark

  • Transcoding video

  • Quality control

  • Media logging

Localization & Globalization Services

Making your content relevant and accessible to every audience

  • Subtitles

  • Voiceover

  • Dubbing

  • Accessibility

  • Metadata translation

Archive Services

Simplifying your digital asset management

  • Platform delivery portal for content recipients

  • Content catalogue and DAM service for content owners

  • Content API

What Our Clients Say

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